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Remember this is what you get:
1. Online Course: How to Profit Trading & Investing
An A – Z Video course covering all aspects on how to get started & how to profit trading & investing

You will access our
• Beginners strategies and advanced strategies
• How to use charting software / drawing trends
• How to set up your broker account
• How to place orders / stop losses /
• Exercises for you to practice
• An emphasis on mindset 
• Footage from a live workshop
• And much, much more…
We've done the work for you. All you need to do is to literally do it as I do it, pause when you need to, then continue - the best bit? You can watch it again and again as many times as you like. It’s how I learned it and it works. Everything you need to get started.
But that's not all...
You will receive everything on audio as well
So you can LISTEN to it again and again when commuting or travelling
2. Course Workbook
The course workbook allows you to follow the online course

Write notes and questions in the book right there and then while watching.
3. Live Weekly Trading & Investing Webinars
Every week, live, we discuss

• What stocks are ready to enter (and why)
• What stocks are ready to exit (and why)
• What the market is doing (and why)

So you can take advantage of our knowledge and get in before the big moves happen

All webinar training will be recorded and put on Your Trading Club for you to watch within 24 hours so you never miss out.
4. Weekly AND Monthly Watchlists
Every week you receive a new list of stocks: 
• 5 going up and
• 5 going down
Ready to go for you to trade
Every month you receive a new list of stocks:
• Of the companies going UP the most in a bull market
• Of the companies going DOWN the most in a bear market
5. Essential Trading & Investing Tools
There are a number of tools which are essential for your trading & investing success:
• Your Trading Diary

• Your PCA / VCA calculator

• And much, much more
6. Your Online Discussion Group
The online discussion group is for our members to discuss stocks, ask questions, get answers, share information etc. in-between the live webinars.
So you can take advantage of our traders AND of the combined knowledge of the club members

7. Private Member Only Telegram Group

Receive regular updates direct to your phone:

• Trade of the day 
• Hear about the stocks we are buying
• Hear about the stocks we are selling 
• Important announcements
• Stay ahead of the market with our trade of the day

So you never miss out
8. Free 30 minutes coaching sessions 3 times a week

30 minute group coaching calls

Simply register and get your questions answered right there and then

So you never get stuck

You feel supported and a valued member of the club

Open to all, ideal for beginners starting out

9. Your Trading Club APP (Coming Soon)
You will be able to see all of Your Trading Club on your phone without having to log in every time
Straight on your mobile,
just stay logged in
Saving you time and effort
All to ensure that 2020 will be your breakthrough year!
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It's time to get your money working for you and growing for your future!

Remember, the more time you put into this, the more profits you can make

If you can start with just 20 minutes a day, whether it is in the morning, lunchtime or evening.

Remember the market does not have to be open for us to place our trades.

* forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future results
Join 'Your Trading Club' today
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